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Rockbud/Sensi Star


17-28% THC

0.04-0.1% CBD

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With a nice bouncy structure, these nugs were a deep yellow with a slight hue of green throughout. It was left just a little leafy, and had a higher moisture level. A sweet smell of grapes and spice rack emits from the nug with an earthy undertone. It was a little rougher of a smoke, but with a very strong flavor of grape. Much lesser than the smell lead to believe. All of my pains were relieved, tension released…

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1 review for Rockstar

  1. przehuj (verified owner)

    Holly shh….What a mindf*@k!!!…After just one two-hitter pipe, I lost the rest of my stash (AT WORK!!!)….Nobody turned it in to the BOSS …But I haven’t found it either…WOW !!! …Be careful with this one…And as usual the count from Wellevate is impressive

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